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About Places To Visit In Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is located on the East coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Known for its sandy beaches, historical buildings, and beautiful architecture, there are several places to visit in Valencia for a vacation with both friends and family. The city is also popular for its many museums such as the Valencia Institute of Modern Art and the City of Arts and Sciences which showcase the world of many artists.

If you are looking to visit Valencia with your family, you can find many amazing things to do in Valencia and worth visiting places like the Bioparc Zoo, Turia Gardens, and the L'Oceanografic Aquarium where your kids can play with, and enjoy looking at various animals. You can also visit many historical buildings such as Valencia Cathedral, Torres de Serranos, and Valencia’s Town Hall where you can witness gothic-style architecture. You can also visit the colon market which has many restaurants where you can try authentic Spanish cuisine.

Top Places To Visit In Valencia

Valencia is known for its beautiful historical buildings, beaches, and many other tourist attractions. A perfect vacation for everyone to enjoy, you can have a beautiful evening at the beach and watch the sunset. You can also head over to admire the stunning architecture at many places like Valencia Cathedral, Torres de Serranos, and the Palacio de la Generalidad Valenciana

Torres de Serranos

One of the top places to visit in Valencia, Torres de Serranos was built in the 14th century as a defensive structure. The city walls were demolished in 1865 but fortunately, these towers were saved and were used as a prison from 1586 to 1887. The structure is an amazing example of gothic architecture and you can see the pointed arches and domes from the Plaza de Los Fueros. Torres de Serranos is also known to host one of the most famous events, every year on the last Sunday in February, called the crida where the visitors are welcomed by the queen of Valencia to join the festivities.

Valencia Cathedral

One of the most visited places to visit in Valencia, the Valencia Cathedral was built on an ancient roman temple that was also a mosque. You can admire the beautiful Gothic architecture which has influences from the Romanesque to Baroque eras. The construction of the cathedral was originally started in the 13th century, while the Chapter house lantern tower, the Miguelete door, and the Door of the Apostles was built in the 15th century. You can also admire the beautiful iron doors which are also known to protect valuable treasures such as the Holy Chalice.

Colón Market

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful places to visit in valencia, Colón Market is a perfect place with many fine restaurants and flower stalls. Built in the 20th century by architect Francisco Mora Berenguer, the building is also called a national monument. The Market receives thousands of visitors every day and is home to many businesses. Some of the most popular restaurants here are the Las Cervezas del Mercado, the café Bocados, and Daniel, a horchata.

Valencia’s Town Hall

Valencia’s Town Hall is one of the most important buildings in the city and is an iconic landmark located on Valencia’s Town Hall square. You can admire this 18th-century building which has a huge watchtower and beautiful marble staircase. One of the best times to visit Valencia’s Town Hall is during the evening when you can see the illuminated fountain outside the building. This is also the best place to witness the daylight fireworks during the Fallas festival.

City of Arts and Sciences

With City of Arts and Sciences tickets, you get access to one of the best places to visit in valencia if you enjoy modern architecture. The largest scientific and cultural complexes in Europe, the place is known to host many conferences, exhibitions, guided tours, and workshops for students and visitors which are based on science, arts, technology, and nature. The City of Arts and Sciences has 6 zones known as the Hemisfèric, the Umbracle, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, the Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts, the Oceanogràfic, and the Ágora.

Turia Park

One of the largest urban parks in Spain, Turia Park is spread across 9 kilometers with footpaths, sports areas, and beautiful cozy corners for couples to have a romantic time. Built on the river bed of Turia, the park was remodeled after the devastating flood on 14 October 1957 and was opened in 1986. Among the most famous places to visit in Valencia, the park goes through the city center, from the Bioparc to the City of Arts and Sciences towards the sea. This is also a perfect place for runners and cyclists and with such beautiful greenery, you can also enjoy a beautiful picnic

Gulliver Park

Based on the popular story Gulliver Travels, Gulliver Park is a huge recreational playground that was built with a giant model of a sleeping Gulliver which features ramps, slides, and hidden passageways. The structure of the giant gulliver is built with many activities and you can also use the strands of his hair as huge slides. One of the best places to visit in Valencia with children, the park has many slides where kids and adults can play around and have fun.

Palacio de la Generalidad Valenciana

Located in the heart of the city, the Palacio de la Generalitat Valenciana is one of the best places to visit in Valencia with beautiful architecture. The palace currently serves as an office of the local government and was originally built as a tax office for the Crown. You can admire the beautiful gothic-style architecture with a large courtyard with orange trees and a chapel. The building is influenced by Valencian Gothic, Herrerian, and Renaissance styles with a beautiful facade.

La Rotonda

One of the most popular places to visit in Valencia, the La Rotonda is located in the Plaza de la Reina in the old district. La Rotonda is known to have many craft stalls, bars, and restaurants in a round courtyard of a huge building. Popular among tourists, you can visit many cafes and try some authentic Spanish cuisine here, and can enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

Valencia Institute of Modern Art (IVAM)

Opened in 1989, the Valencia Institute of Modern Art is one of the first modern art museums in Spain. You can witness many permanent collections here which focus on Catalan sculptor Julio González, featuring 400 wrought-iron works. You can also witness many works from some of the popular 20th-century artists. You can go on a guided tour with a professional expert to learn more about these works and the artists.

Bioparc Zoo

Opened in 2008, the Bioparc Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Valencia if you are here with your children. Located along the Turial gardens, the zoo has an amazing modern designated habitat for animals that you can visit. The area resembles the natural habitat of the animals and features many large rocks, ditches, and rivers to keep all the animals from different species separate. You can witness animals such as lemurs, chimpanzees, Hyenas, meerkats, and Gorillas among others.

Malvarrosa Beach

It's no secret that the best way to enjoy a vacation is by sunbathing and relaxing at the beach. Malvarrosa Beach is one of the best places to visit in Valencia Spain if you are looking to enjoy and have a leisure vacation. You can also enjoy many activities such as walking, jogging, and roller skating at the beautiful seafront promenade, and can head over to one of many cafes to enjoy amazing seafood. You can also visit the museum located at the beach which was a former house of a famous writer, Vicente Blasco-Ibáñez, and get a chance to witness his life's works.

L'Oceanografic Aquarium

One of the best places to visit in Valencia with family, the L'Oceanografic Aquarium is located in the city of arts and sciences where you can witness the beautiful Mediterranean ocean life. The tank has over 11 million gallons of water with over 45 thousand fish and 45 species. You can witness marine creatures like dolphins, sharks, and ray fishes in nine of their huge underwater tunnels. The Aquarium has many sections based on the geographic region and you can see creatures from the arctic to the equator.

Valencia's Central Market (Mercado Central)

One of the oldest European markets, Valencia's Central Market is one of the best places to visit in Valencia if you are looking for souvenirs. The market is built in a modern roofed building that has beautiful stained glass windows and over 400 stalls. Built in 1941, the market is open six days a week and you can try many traditional local cuisines here. You can also head over to a large tapas bar and get a view of the full market and soak up the local vibe of the city.

Ceramics Museum

Set in a 15th-century Rococo architectural style, the Ceramics Museum is home to many ceramic pieces from all over the world including pieces from Greek, Roman, Arab, and from the prehistoric times. The entrance of the museum is crowned with a statue of the Virgin Mary and twin fountains from her hand. One of the best places to visit in Valencia Spain, you can witness many traditional art pieces from Spain, like Manises, Paterna, and Alcora which are on display, and admire many works from the world-famous Picasso.

Places To Visit In Valencia FAQs

Which are the best places to visit in Valencia?

Turia gardens: One of the best places to visit in Valencia, the Turia gardens is located on the old riverbed and has many attractions such as a sports area, picnic spots, and walking lanes. You can also enjoy many games here such as chess boards, skateboards, and cycling.

Malvarrosa Beach: Another famous attraction in Valencia is the Malvarrosa Beach where you can sunbathe and enjoy looking at a beautiful sunset, You can also head over to Paseo Marítimo which is a sea-front promenade, and dine in one of their many cafes and restaurants

Which are the best tourist places to visit in Valencia with family?

Bioparc Zoo: One of the places to visit in Valencia to visit with family is Bioparc Zoo, where you can witness many animals living in an area that resembles their natural habitat. You can see animals such as hyenas, giraffes, deers, chimpanzees, and gorillas among many others.

L'Oceanografic Aquarium: Head over to the L'Oceanografic Aquarium which is home to 45000 marine creatures with over 500 different species. You can look at all of the nine underwater towers and find marine creatures such as dolphins, sharks, and rays.

What is special about Valencia?

The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is known for its historic and modern culture. The city is popular for its festivals. historical places with beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, and many museums.

What is the best time to visit Valencia?

The best time to visit Valencia is between March to May as the weather is warm and pleasant. The evenings during these months are cool and windy and you can find fewer crowds during this time.

How to reach Valencia?

By Air: Valencia is located 8 kms from the city and is connected by both domestic and international flights. Once you reach the airport, you can take a cab and reach the city in 20 minutes.

By train: There are two railway stations in the city, the Estación del Norte, the local train network and the Joaquín Sorolla, which has a high-speed train service from major cities of Spain.

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