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Albufera is Spain’s largest water lagoon that plays a vital role in the ecosystem that consists of nearly extinct organisms that inhabit its land. In 1986, a portion of the Albufera lagoon was declared a Natural Park by the government, and is located at a distance of about 10 km from Valencia. You can enjoy the oasis and tour Albufera Valencia by walking around the beautiful park and discovering the greenery. The Albufera park is made up of 6 small islands with thick vegetation, which are called bushes. The gorgeous nature reserve is surrounded by rice fields and wood, adding countryside charm to the place.

The famous Spanish cuisine, paella, is known to have been invented in the Albufera region. You can also opt for the Albufera Valencia boat tour to explore the rich flora and fauna of the park. There are varied species of birds found around the park which include white stork, night heron, common tern, shag, Northern shoveler, gulls, and red-crested pochard. On your boat tour, you may also come across varied sea species such as sea bass, tooth carp, gray mullet, and eels. The Albufera backwaters are a great spot to indulge in a beautiful evening with your loved ones, as you watch the sun go down.

Why Book Albufera Valencia Tour?

  • among many things to do, tour Albufera Valencia on a boat and escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you sail on the largest lake in Spain.
  • It is a perfect getaway for couples looking to spend some peaceful time by the water.
  • Booking the Albufera Valencia boat tour will offer you breathtaking views of the lake overlooking the rice field as you relax in the boat.
  • You can choose to have an private boat ride with your family or opt for a group boat tour where the guide will educate you about the Albufera National Park’s history and importance.
  • You can tour Albufera Valencia comfortably by booking the boat ride in advance through online portals for a fuss-free experience.
  • Try the famous paella dish with your friends and family at a local restaurant with beautiful panoramas of the lake and the park.
  • Catch a spectacular sunset by the lake as you conclude your tour for the day.

Available Albufera Valencia Tour

You can choose to tour Albufera Valencia in more than one way; either by bus, boat ride, bike tour, or jeep tour. Make the most of your visit to Albufera by choosing a package that suits your schedule and plans the best. Whether you prefer exploring the park on a bike, experiencing nature with a bus sightseeing tour, having an adventurous jeep tour, or enjoying a calming boat ride, there are a lot of tour packages to choose from.

From Valencia: Albufera Natural Park Bus, Cruise, and Lunch

As you begin your journey towards Albufera Natural Park from Valencia by bus, you will learn about the biodiversity of the Albufera region with an audio guide. Explore the surrounding rice fields and learn about the largest lake in Spain. Once you’ve reached the Albufera National Park, you will go on a boat tour where you can sail through the lake and observe the beauty around. End the tour with a delicious plate of seafood and paella including a glass of drink.

From Valencia: Cullera Old Town and Albufera Natural Park

The Cullera Old Town is rich in culture and heritage that is gifted with 11 beautiful beaches. As you stroll around the quaint Cullera town, explore the wonderful castles, beaches, and natural beauty of the town. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Valencia. Once you’re done exploring Cullera, head over to the Albufera National Park for a tranquil boat tour of the lake. Watch the sun go down as you sip on some wine with your loved one.

Valencia: Albufera Jeep and Boat Tour

Take a short and adventurous road trip from Valencia to Albufera in an open jeep. Enjoy the beautiful country roads on your way to Albufera. Sit back and enjoy the clear blue skies and beautiful local birds, including herons and white stork, that inhabit the National Park. As you reach the Albufera National Park, get ready to jump onto the boat for a cruise around the lake. Witness the natural wildlife and the nature that defines the beauty of the Albufera region.

From Valencia: Private Albufera Van Tour with Boat Ride

Experience Spain’s natural beauty at its best with a private van tour of the Albufera region. Feel the calmness as you begin your ride towards Albufera from Valencia in a private van. Enjoy the captivating scenery on your way to the largest lake in Spain, where you will be welcomed with freshwater lagoons and paddy fields. Learn about the different species of birds and sea creatures that form the ecosystem of the region. Hop on a boat and scan the adjoining vista from the lake.

From Valencia: Albufera Bike Tour

A bike tour from Valencia to Albufera is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of the National Park. The bike trail of Albufera Park is well-maintained and truly magnificent to experience. Home to over 250 kinds of bird species and nearly extinct fish species, the Albufera biological reserve is a wonderful escape for all nature lovers. Once you complete your bike tour journey, soak in the sensational scenery of the land and unwind with a peaceful boat ride.

Know Before You Book Albufera Valencia Tour

Essential Information

  • Location: 46012, El Palmar, Valencia, Spain
  • Timings: 10 AM to 2 PM, 4 PM to 8 PM (Monday-Friday)

  • Best time to visit: The spring season is the best time to tour Albufera Valencia and experience the greenery and flowerbeds. Late February to early May are the best months to witness colorful and vibrant scenery around the lake and the National Park.

How to reach

  • By Car: Albufera National Park is 10 km away from Valencia city which is about 30 minutes drive away.
  • By Bus: For those traveling by city bus, take bus no. 24 which will drop you at El Palmar, or bus no. 25 which will drop you at El Perellonet from the city center. The journey will take less than an hour and both stops are within walking distance of Albufera park.
  • By Tourist Bus: An Albufera Bus Turistic will give you an extensive tour of the park along with sightseeing. It will be about a 2-hour long journey which includes a 30-minute boat ride in the lagoon.

Albufera Valencia Tour FAQs

Do we need to book in advance to tour Albufera Valencia?

It is always better to book your tickets for the Albufera Valencia tour in advance. If you book your tour in advance, you can skip the line and cut down the waiting time to begin your tour. Booking tickets in advance also helps you choose dates as per your preferences that suit your itinerary.

What is the minimum age required to book an Albufera Valencia tour?

The minimum age required for kids to tour Albufera Valencia is 7 years and above. Kids aged 6 years and below are not advised to take a boat ride in Albufera Valencia for safety reasons.

Will I get discounts on booking the Albufera Valencia Tour online?

Yes, a lot of websites and travel agencies offer great tour packages at reasonable rates. If you choose to tour Albufera Valencia during the off-season, you can get really good prices for your tickets. Moreover, you can catch some exciting online deals even during the peak season.

What is the best time to visit Albufera Valencia?

Spring and summer are the best seasons to experience the true beauty of Albufera Valencia. The clear skies and surrounding greenery is absolutely stunning to behold during the boat rides. Though the tourist rush is high during the summer, spring is better if you like fewer crowds.

What is unique about Albufera Valencia?

Albufera is the largest and one of the 6 natural parks in Valencia. The natural park offers one of the most scenic views of the countryside by the lake. It is also home to some beautiful birds and fishes in the region. The lake is surrounded by rich flora and fauna along with widespread paddy fields.

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